The world is changing rapidly, are you keeping up? The demand for online services continues to grow. How does your healthcare organization meet this demand? Does caring for people take priority over other matters in your organization? Is your primary focus on the patient? How will your organization manage an unaffordable healthcare and an unprecedented shortage of healthcare professionals in the near future? Online healthcare is the solution to these demands.

When you integrate online services into your organization, you are not only helping your patients, you are also preparing your organization for the future. e-Mentality supports organizations in developing a vision and strategy to implement a successful e-health program.
Apply e-Mentality to create room for solid online services, with vision.


Our way of working is practical, thorough and transparent. The focus is primarily on creating a context in which our clients are challenged to transform transform succesfully.

Everyone has difficulty in stepping outside of his comfort zone. That is a trusted space. People are not necessarily afraid of change itself, but rather of leaving known habits behind. In doing so, everything suddenly seems unsure. Yet it is of utmost importance to take on this challenge together with your employees. In order to maintain success in the future, online service must be integrated into the whole of healthcare services you provide.

The correct approach is found in forming a partnership and to face the challenge together.

e-Mentality will create a new working landscape for you, a focus on the goals ahead and on your way to E-health success. A shift in mentality is where it all begins: e-Mentality! It’s about shifting paradigms and organizational culture.