From small to large

Over the course of two years, we completed the assignment of developing a fragmented, small offering of e-health services to a full-scale implementation, within a large mental healthcare institution comprised of separate healthcare companies providing specialized mental health services.

A centrally organized project team ‘’e health’ was formed to facilitate the effectuation of this. At first a platform was designed to be used for the development of all online interventions and making them accessible. Each healthcare provider had an individual plan of action accustomed to its own organizational culture and previously set goals. In two years time over 80 modules were developed, 13.000 patients enrolled and 1700 professional healthcare workers trained at online treatment through this platform. The improvement of user friendliness of the platform and the employability of the healthcare workers and patients was an ongoing developmental process.

Key tactical aspects:

  • Development of a e-Health vision and mapping out a e-Health implementation strategy
  • Facilitating the development and implementation of e-Health in the preliminary and secondary processes of the (healthcare) providers.
  • The management and further development of the platform within the main objective of modernizing healthcare. Also, guidance of the integration of e-Health at the preliminary stage. The client council was actively involved
  • Guidance of paradigm shifts and cultural change which were the results of changing from an offline treatment organization to a (partial) online healthcare provider
  • The establishment and further professionalizing of account and release management
  • The creation and execution of a range of marketing and communication activities, not only to bring the services provided to the attention of both workers and patients, but also to make the implementation process easier.
  • Developing new concepts
  • The platform was so successful that the focal point later shifted to marketing the platform itself to third parties.