We proudly offer a wide range of skills within the disciplines of psychology, organizational and change management, online expertise and marketing and communication know-how. And above all, our knowledge of E-health is state-of-the-art.


  • We provide the following services:


Advice and Implementation of Online Care

  1. Development of your vision
  2. Strategic choices
  3. Product/ ‘process’ guidance
  4. Managing of the implementation and cultural shift

Educational activities

– Providing lectures
– Presentation Online Healthcare
– Congress / seminar / network gathering
– Knowledge sharing in (new) projects


  • Within these services, we can provide the following products:


  1. Vision development
  2. Strategic choices
    Guidance in choice making and prioritizing
    Strategy document
  1. Product/ ‘process’ guidance
    Implementation document
    Concept development
  2. Managing of the implementation and cultural shift
    Project management
    Implementation plan